Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome March

Officially close up the Oh Mandie etsy shop. (It's only still open because a fellow bloggy buddy of mine has a bunch of wonderful giveaways going on very soon, one of which yours truely is participating in.) Sit down and take the month to work with some higher end materials and decide the next direction that I want to go in terms of selling on etsy.

Finish the super cute rag quilt I started in November and haven't touched since before Christmas.

Spend more time outside with the boys. (provided we don't get hit with too many more snow storms)

Find the time to read my bible more. I'm lazy when it comes to this and I know it. March seems like a great month to try and improve on it.

Take apart the really ugly accent pillows that came with out new furniture and make some pretty new ones. (this might just be an excuse to buy some fun new fabric, but I'll take it)


Ms. Blasé said...

Good for you for setting goals! (Maybe I should do the same so that I can actually get something done around here.)

AlyGatr said...

YAY for March goals. Maybe I need to write mine down. #1 on my list is "sew the pile of things you cut and pinned last week because they won't sew themselves"

Beka said...

ah! can't wait to see the accent pillows you re-do. :)