Thursday, March 24, 2011

Great Balls of Ice

Last Thursday is was a beautiful and sunny 65 degrees outside.
Today it's snowing.

Such is the weather in Pennsylvania, unpredictable.

Yesterday evening Brayden and I were sitting down around the dining room table doing homework when all of the sudden the house started to shake as we got pelted with hail the size of those super balls you get out of bubblegum machines.  Thankfully we were indoors. (and thankfully we have a garage because the damage that could have caused to our vehicles would have sucked)

Balls of ice raining from the sky, ok.  But todays snow is just a slap in the face on top of it.

I've never been more ready for Spring than I am right this second.


AlyGatr said...

Funny how I seems to know some many people in PA! My high school friend who lives in Pittsburgh posted on her FB page about golf ball sized hail. WOW. Glad no one got taken out by flying ice!

Alicia said...

Not sure where in PA you are but I heard that there was even a possible tornado that went threw yesterday b/c of the bad storms. We got mostly rain...but it is freezing out side.

Ashley said...

My dad he was getting snow back in Indiana today...while yesterday it was 75. What a mix up of weather lately! Thankfully everyone was inside when the hail started.

Beka said...

whoa yeah...we get sleet and snow. :\ midwest weather totally sucks sometimes. but it's about time that spring stayed for good! we'll probably have rain and nothing colder after this week. it's just how it'll be. :P