Monday, December 13, 2010

A Party For Gage

I don't quite feel old enough to have an 8 year old and a 4 year old. Not at all. But I do.
Another amazing party down, with one extremely happy little four year old.

This time there were even more balloons, since some of Brayden's were still floating around from his party 2 weeks prior. There were kids, presents, and lots and lots of laughter and love.

And the best part, there where cupcakes. Gage was very specific when he requested his birthday cake this year. They were to be chocolate cupcakes, with white frosting, and a cherry on top. Nothing else would do. Little did he know that I swapped out his plain old vanilla frosting for some rich and yummy cream cheese frosting. It was still white, so I was well within my guidelines.

We partied hard.

Until next year, little boy.
Party on.


tessica said...

mmm cream cheese frosting!!
looks and sounds like a great party!!

AlyGatr said...

Wow, they just keep getting bigger and bigger. I still remember his birthday last year! The FOUR. Those are great cupcakes and I'm glad you guys partied it up :)

Beka said...

Aww, he's cute. And gosh now I want a cupcake....
Isn't it weird how suddenly they're over 5, or nearing 10? Freakin' weird!!

Chana said...

Hello beautiful cupcakes! Ohmygoodness! Your kids are so sweet! I'm staring at them all the time now as your adorable card is hanging on my fridge:) Thank you so much Mandie!! xoxoxo

Nen said...

i love the cupcakes! how cute that he requested those! they look so cute with the cherries on top!!

glad it was a nice time!! :)

(my soup recipe made 12 qts... so we'll have some left over for ourselves! yea!)