Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Pennsylvania Autumn

I hate the Winters here. I'm not at all a snow person and I pretty much avoid anything and everything outside of my cozy, warm house during those cold months. That Winter takes up most of the Spring and whats left of it is usually buried in the flurry of end of the school year excitement. Summers here are ok, but growing up in Virgina Beach has left me desiring the temperature that only being beside a beach can bring.
But a Pennsylvania Autumn afternoon, spent at a local family farm in the company of my boys, is pretty much my idea of perfect.


Nen said...

looks like it was a beautiful day to spend time with family!

Jen said...

I HATE winter/snow/cold, too! HATE it...especially after last winter. I hope we get a break this year. I also LOVE beautiful autumn days...this is my favorite time of year :-). Beautiful pics! Brayden looks SO much like you in the last one!

beka said...

Ohh, it's getting really chilly here.
The frost-is-on-the-ground kind of chilly. :(
Cute pics of the kids:)