Thursday, October 21, 2010

Missing the Sunshine

Blogging has been a bit slow going around here for the past few days, mostly because nothing that's very interesting has been going on around here lately. Unless you all want to hear about how I'm cleaning out my boys' dressers and getting ready to donate all of their too small clothes. No? ... Yeah, I don't blame you.

This time of the year is a tough one for me. I love everything about Fall, but at the very same time I find myself missing the warmth and the sunshine of the Summer. I miss being able to go outside without a jacket and hearing the ice cream truck bells and whistles in the distance. And I also know that sooner rather than later the snow will start to fly here in Western Pennsylvania.

Every year this time I find myself in a changing of the seasons slump. The is no joy in packing away our tank tops and shorts in exchange for bulky sweaters and snow boots. But it still needs to be done.

In a small effort to keep the warmth of the Summer alive, I'm posting a few pictures of the boys playing on the monkey bars from late July, that I realize I've never posted here before.

We'll surely miss you, Mr. Sunshine. See you next year.


Nen said...

oh my... i'm the same way! i warn my husband that if it's a cold, rainy, fall day... he can be prepared for tears. no reason really... other than feeling cooped up and like you said, in a slump! every year i try to tell myself that i will make the best of each season and enjoy them each for what they are.... it never happens!!!

Charcoals by Danielle said...

I love fall! The changing leaves, the festivals, and the smell of harvest always puts me in a cheerfully inspired mood. I don't like winter though. Not looking forward to the Ohio snows.

Ashley said...

I miss the summer already...I do love me some fall smells and hoodies..but I do miss the warm summer sun!