Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glasses for Brayden

Jarvis - LARGE 8 x 10 Print by Pop Pop Portraits

Somethings we all take the simplest things for granted. We just assume that they'll always be there, right where we left them. But circumstances change as time moves on, and often times those small things that we have get shifted in the shuffle of life.

That is very much the case right now.

On Monday, Brayden brought home a note from school saying that he failed his eye test and will need to see an optometrist. We immediately scheduled him an appointment and he was able to be seen yesterday.

Brayden needs glasses. In addition to that his eye muscle that allows him to focus on things is weak and he'll need to do optical exercises in an attempt to strengthen it.

I suppose it was inevitable, seeing as both Brayden's father and I both are blind as bats without our glasses, but all the same when something as simple as your child's eyesight is concerned it makes you mourn, as a parent, for all of the things he'll no longer be able to see clearly without corrective lenses in front of his beautiful brown eyes.

Luckily, my kid looks pretty stinking cute in glasses, and next week when they come in the world will be able to see just that.

No more squinting for you little boy. Now you'll be able to see the world with eyes open wide.

Screwing around sometime last year. Those are so NOT his actual glasses.


AlyGatr said...

Yeah, I often wonder when or if my kids will need them. I didn't start wearing them until I was almost graduated from high school. My hubby started wearing them earlier than me, but his prescription is SO weak he only barely needs them. I'm kinda hoping neither kid will get our bad eyes.

For the record, I bet with the right specs he'll look just like a brown eyed Harry Potter. Too adorable.

Nen said...

i went for 25 years without glasses... and boy, what i wouldn't give to NOT have to need them now!!

i'm sure brayden will look adorable (don't tell him i said that though, he might think it sounds too girly!)!! hope he is taking the news well!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I left you a message on your Project Snail Mail entry, wanting to join, but not being able to find a contact button on your blog to email my address to. Are you still doing Project Snail Mail? :) Just curious!