Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby Gage

Recently I've been having many of those moments that only a mother knows. The ones where she looks at her children and wonders where exactly the time went. Next year Gage will be in Pre-K. In early December he will be 4. So why is it that I often still see the baby of the family as exactly that, a baby? I'm blaming it on being a mom thing.

I thought today I'd flashback to a few of Gage's early pictures. This is how I see him, as a happy go lucky 18 month old who likes to be adventurous and get into absolutely anything and everything possible. To me, even as he grows, he'll always be this little boy.


You know the drill by now, right? Feel like reliving some fond old memories of your own? Then click on the picture below to head on over to Christopher and Tia for a Friday Flashback all your own. And if you're not feeling nostalgic go ahead and click on over there anyways, it's a pretty fantastic blog.

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Jennifer said...

Adorable :)
I know how you feel, my little guy will be 4 in May and i am just in awe of how fast it all happened! Wasn't he just learning how to walk?

AlyGatr said...

Aw, look at how sweet he is :) I was just uploading pics to a digital frame I got for my new office and I was looking back at pics of Merrick as a baby and thinking "who is that kid?" It seems like ages ago and he's only going to be three in Feb! It seems like they are a baby forever and then BOOM, they all of the sudden look so grown up.

amylou said...

what an adorable sweet littl boy!

Nen said...

aww...such sweet pics. they grow up fast.... i don't like to think about it!

Ashley said...

They do grow up so fast!! Such a little cutiepie!!

beka said...

Oh, man.
He's such a cutie!! :)

p.s. I grabbed your lovely blog button for my sidebar:)