Thursday, August 26, 2010

28 Before I'm 28

In exactly 3 weeks I will be 27 years old. And this is not what this post is about at all. I'm at peace with getting older. I'm ok with being boring and living a rather busy, but seemingly slow life. In fact, this is the way that I prefer it.

What I am not ok with at all is how much time has slipped away from me and how many things I've wanted to do that I never did. I've had the chance to do them all, multiple chances to do them all actually, and yet here I sit dwelling on all of the things that never got done.

I have 21 days left to finish my list of 27 Things before I am 27. Chances are, I probably won't finish it. Heck, I only have three weeks to go and I've barely scratched the surface. Is that because time has escaped me or is it because I've changed since I made that list and the things that were important to me then are not so important now? I think, perhaps, that it's a combination of the two. (In all fairness though, I made the list in May, giving myself only four months in which to complete it)

In the next 21 days, before I turn 28 I will make an honest effort to do the things on my list that can be completed.

The things that I can't complete now, but that I still want to do are moved to the 28 Before 28 list that you can check out in the right side bar of my blog if you feel so compelled. (Feel free to cheer me on over the next year, please.)

What about you? Do you have a list? Did the time line sneak up on you?


ElegantSnobbery said...

Oh I bet you can do some of those, easy. Like remove training wheels... you didn't say TEACH him how to ride... just remove the wheels! And make a cheese cake... I make them all the time (if defrosting one by Sara Lee counts, that is).

I like this list! I should do a 30 before I'm 30! But then, I haven't even done any of my 12 New Year's Resolutions yet...

AlyGatr said...

27...ah I remember 27. I thought about doing a 40 before 40 since I'd have over a year to get it done, but 40 things seem like too much pressure. I say if you even get half of those things done you ought to give yourself a pat on the back!

tessica said...

you can totally do it mandie!
and i love that you aren't beating yourself up about what you haen't been able to accomplish! imagine the things you have done, would you definitely have done them if you hadn't had your list? if not then that list is a total success in my book!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Lack of money has snuck up on me! :) This is so funny. I was just thinking I'd do an updating my this before that list tomorrow... due to lack of the money stuff. :)

Don't forget to link up your new list with me!

And: make that cake from scratch for your birthday! :)

Flowers said...

I used to make lists of what I needed to do, but other than 1 or 2 day's worth, I stopped; I found they just made me anxious and feeling bad about what I didn't accomplish. I still get stuff done, but without lists.

Lacey said...

I don't have a list but this definitely inspires me to make one. I'm starting a draft post with my list as soon as I post this.