Friday, August 6, 2010

19 More Days

There are exactly 19 days until the first day of school starts for Brayden.
19 Days.

That means that there are only 19 days of summer left to enjoy.
And 19 days until Mommy can send one of her little buggers back to school for a bit of peace around the house.

Raising boys is tough! They argue, they fight, they are territorial, the enjoy rolling around in dirt, and they love love love to track that very same dirt all through the house that Mom just got done cleaning.

Mothers of well behaved boys deserve a Nobel Peace Prize in my humble opinion!

I love my boys, honestly and truly I do. But man do I need a break.

Ironic isn't it how when Kindergarten is looming for our children we (or at least I did) cry our eyes out at the prospect of our babies leaving us and doing things on their own in this big bad world. Now I'm pretty much ready to ship him out the door.

19 more days until Brayden is officially a second grader.
19 more days until I only have one child to deal with between the hours of 8:00am-3:45pm Monday through Friday.
One year and 19 days until I can send Gage to pre-k.

So I figured it's only fitting that I have a first day of school edition of Flashback Friday this week.

I love my boys with everything that I am, don't get me wrong there, but this mama is ready for a break! (But I'm woman enough to admit that I'll probably still cry when that bus stops at the end of our driveway and picks up my baby.)


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Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

OMG how cute is that?! Both of your sons are adorable.

Christopher And Tia said...

Seriously though, what Mama Elephant said. Your boys are ADORABLE. In um... manly tough guy sort of ways? No dude, so cute.

Eleanore might be starting her first day of school on August 23rd. We won't find out until the week before (GAH!). Part of me doesn't feel like its real, since we haven't bought any school supplies yet. I know that I'll cry all day, that first day, if she does go.

How is it that they grow so fast??

*Christie* said...

Great idea having the back to school edition :) You take really great photos!!! And yes, I agree with the peanut gallery, your sons are super cute.

Nen said...

ooooh yeah Steelers!!

Rj and Jessie said...

Aw, so cute! :D You have the most precious sons.

Brayden is going to be the name of our son in a couple weeks. :)