Thursday, July 29, 2010

So Long Sweet Summer

As I woke up today and groggily made my way into the kitchen for a drink an and my morning dose of pills I caught the calender with out of the corner of my eye. Where did Summer go?

I'm usually an Autumn girl by heart, but now I don't have any of that usual longing for the leaves to change colors, for sweaters to be worn, for that crisp bite in the air. No. Right now Summer is fleeting and I have no idea where it went.

I'm angry with myself for now seeking out a lot of Summers usual treats. No backyard fires, spent roasting marshmallows late into the night. No picnics and days spent swimming at the park, no water balloon fights and late dinners eaten on the back porch.

As we mark off days until school starts on that calender that mocked me so this morning, the pressure on my shoulders mounts. With each degree the thermometer dips, my mood droops a little further, and with each leaf that floats by, my heart sinks just a little further into my stomach. I fear the darkness and the cold that is Pennsylvania in the winter and I’m not entirely sure I can handle another grade school related catastrophe. I just want to hang out with my kids barefoot and bra-less with the grass between my toes all day and just be.

With only a month left of the Summer of 2010 I suppose I'd better get on with it.


Melody said...

Sad :(

Your boys are adorable.

I do understand why you would fear the dark and cold. I live in Indiana. It isn't any warmer here.

Nen said...

oh man... i am totally looking forward to fall. i have been miserable in the heat!! although i do agree that summer is flying! i guess it's different for someone who doesn't have to send their kiddos to school in the fall!

enjoy the time you have left! :)

PaperFlora2 said...

I did the same thing today. Had to write down something on the calendar and thought how strange, it couldn't possibly be Aug. 1. Where did you June and July go? No wonder the kids are grumbling about school already, it's almost here.