Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sickness and Mortality

I've been kind of a bad blogger this week. I'd apologize for that, but the truth is that nothing really interesting has been happening around casa Oh Mandie this week, and I'm sort of thankful for the quietness that going on around here, so there is no use in apologizing for not boring you all to tears with nothing to note.

I went to the doctors yesterday to have my parathyroid (not to be confused with the more common thyroid gland) measured. Thankfully all is normal, with the exception of a slight change in one of my many medications. As I was leaving the office and doing the ten million things at the window (paying my co-pay, making my next appt, getting my prescription, etc.) the receptionist handed me a piece of paper saying that there were now going offering their patients a living will.

Let me tell you, there is nothing that comes even remotely close to having you question your mortality (except maybe ... well a lot of things come to think of it ...) than being handed a form for a living will, particularly at the ripe old age of 26.

I can't say that I've given a ton of thought to what I would want for myself if something were to seriously happen to me. It's a pretty morbid thing to think about. But as I stared over this non-descript peice of 8.5x11 piece of white computer paper I've come to terms with the fact that perhaps it's necessary. I mean, no one is guaranteed to even live a long, accident free life and if something, God forbid, does come up I have the opportunity to make the whole ordeal less stressful on my husband and children.

But still .... it's pretty a pretty mind numbing thing to wrap your head around.

Anyways, in the present I've been feeling good lately. Much better than I've been feeling just this time two months ago. That's not to say that everyday is perfect, because they are certainly not. Sometimes I feel weak and tired, and some times the pressure of being sick in the first place gets to me and I sink into a deep hole. But that's the way life is though, up and down, give and take. It may have taken me awhile to get to this point, and I'm sure I'll hit a few (many!) road blocks, but I do realize that everyday is a gift.

I am blessed.


Nen said...

When I was a kid, I used to write out a "will" so if something happened to me, my family would know who to give my boom box, barbies and stuffed animals to.....

A living will isn't a bad idea... makes me think about talking it over with Cory... you know, just to be on the same page!

Glad you've been feeling a bit better... hope you've been able to relax and keep cool! :)

tessica said...

shortly after I had my daughter (at the age of 19) I wrote a living will because I realized that it was important that there were no questions about what should happen god forbid i wasn't there!

but every time i see it when i am in my filing cabinet and see it, i get the same feeling as you...that sense of mortality

glad you are feeling better!

AlyGatr said...

Sometimes, "nothing to report" isn't a bad thing! Better that than a lot of insanity to talk about :) I'm glad they have your condition under pretty good control now. That's a nice place to be.

We are neurotic planners, so a few months after Amelia was born, we found an estate lawyer and had wills, health care proxies (same as living will) and powers of attorney drawn up. With her around (and of course, now Merrick) we thought it was important to let everyone know how things should be run in our absence. With my Dad passing so suddenly years ago and his affairs not in good order as my Mom had thought, we learned our lesson! It is SO important to let the world know what you want done regarding your health if you are in a position where you can't advocate for yourself!!!