Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Unfounded Complaining and a Junior Photographer

Well today would make day three of beach week, but really all I have are more pictures. Lots more pictures. Tons more actually (I think I took something like 255 while we were vacationing) but I miss writing on my blog, so I think we'll break today.

Last Saturday, the day after we got back from our vacation, was a small family reunion/picnic. Since the day before our family had been packed like sardines inside of our Jeep for roughly 7 hours I had fully intended to blow the picnic off, hoping that my family would understand our need for a bit of lounging and taking a vacation from our vacation. Oh, and did I mention that this family reunion was 45 minutes away? Not too big of a deal normally, but when you've just been in the car for 7 hours straight there is really no desire to jump back in it for any extended period of time that soon.

Obviously we ended up going, hence why I'm blogging about this. Even if it was against my will and I complained the entire time, I did go and make an appearance. I didn't want to do it, but when my oldest younger brother called and asked me to go, my resistance to the picnic caved in. As it turns out, I can't say no to my brothers (and if any of you happen to be reading this, please don't use that against me!)

I admit it. I had fun. And there was so much yummy food there that the trip down was worth it tenfold. I was able to catch up with family members that I don't often get to see and even relax a little too as both of the boys ran off to play with their cousins and have a good time all of their own.

At some point in the afternoon Brayden made off with my camera and had a bit of a junior photographer adventure of his own.

He's not too shabby, if I don't say so myself!
(In case you were wondering, the people in those pictures are my parents and my brother)


Chana said...

Oh! I see you have added some awesome changes to your blog! Love it!Glad you had fun at the picnic! Your family is just adorable!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Awesome job, Brayden!!

AlyGatr said...

WOW, he took some great shots! Isn't it so much fun to see the world through their eyes? I'm glad you went to the picnic and had fun :)