Friday, June 11, 2010

In Need of Love

Sometimes life has a way of knocking you down a few pegs.

If you read my post yesterday then you know all about my struggles with anxiety. And if you hung on till the very end then you probably read about my strides in dealing with it. And just like that, life takes one step forward and two steps back, and I lose ground.

Yesterday, feeling a bit tired, but otherwise good, I went to choir practice with a smile on my face, excited to be doing something that is mine (by mine, I mean apart from the husband and kids) and being able to life my voice in praise. And for no reason, sitting there in a row of women I had a panic attack. And it was a bad one. So bad that I had to take a Lorazapram to calm myself down.

And just like that, I'm back at square one.
Ironic, isn't it?

Just a bump in the path friends, I'm still climbing.

Anyways, on to a more pleasant subject....

For this weeks Friday Flashback I give you a look at the Lovey Duck, loved and adored by first Brayden and then Gage. It's packed away in a box now, buried deep inside of my attic with other assorted baby items and memories. One day though, Lovey Duck will come out again. And hopefully his little heart shaped belly still sings You Are My Sunshine when it does.

Feel like reliving some old school memories of your own? Then head on over to Christopher and Tia for a Friday Flashback all your own! Seriously, do it.

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Chana said...

I'm sorry about your panic attack. It's so scary not knowing when it will happen! Sometimes I get anxiety attacks thinking about getting anxiety attacks! SO not kidding. Our mind is an interesting place....but in happy land: your boys are so darn cute!

Nen said...

I'm so glad you saved the duck! The boys will thank you one day!!

I am keeping you in my prayers Mandie!

AlyGatr said...

Keep your head up my friend! I know it must have been hard having the attack, but I fully believe it will get easier for you.

Aw, I love Lovey Duck. Amelia and Merrick shared some things that were passed on, but for some reason, they both latched on to different loveys. Amelia's was Winnie the Pooh blanket and Merrick's is a blanket that WAS hers but she was never interested in.

Christopher And Tia said...

Awww, the Lovey Duck!!!

Both of my kids had/have a lovey. Eleanore's was her blankie, which is now in Charlie's bed. He doesn't consider it his Lovey, but he does love it. And I think there is still time for him to connect with it. Charlie's, is this weird round dog pillow thing that I've been putting in his bed with him since he was a baby. He LOVES that thing. I'll never forget the day I realized it was officially his "Lovey". I think I dramalogued about it, actually.

Loveys make me happy.