Wednesday, May 19, 2010

27 Things Before I am 27

1. Make a family photo collage
2. Go on a hike
3. Create a weekly meal plan
4. Remove the training wheels from Brayden's bicycle
5. Create an inspiration board for my craft room
6. Write a short story or a novella
7. Get up to date with my scrapbook
8. Sew curtains for the boys' bedroom
9. Read the Bible cover to cover again
10. Lose weight
11. Learn how to bake a cheesecake
12. Get a pedicure
13. Go through the closets and donate the old clothes
14. Organize the 5000 photos on my computer
15. Have an adults only weekend with Mike
16. Donate to a charity
17. See a 3D movie in an actual theatre
18. Ride a roller coaster
19. Find a pen pal
20. Bake a cake from scratch
21. Finish the back flowerbed
22. Organize my craft room
23. Recycle more cans, milk jugs, etc.
24. Learn how to quilt
25. Make and freeze bulk lunches for the kids for summer
26. Learn my mailman's name
27. Start an herb garden entirely from seeds


Don't forget to email ( your address to me if you're participating in Project: Snail Mail.

It doesn't matter at all if you're a new reader, an old reader, or if you just happened to stumble your way to my little hidey hole.

I'll be mailing out the cards on Friday (hopefully!) so look for something in the mail from yours truly!

PS: If you by chance don't get me your address by Friday, well then you're in luck! My mailman just happens to come to my house 6 days a week! So, yeah, there's no deadline.

Project: Snail Mail


ElegantSnobbery said...

What an awesome list!! I especially love your challenge to write a short story or novella! I'm currently putting together a 101 things to do in 1001 days list... I might steal some of yours, because your list is so great :)

tessica said...

what a great list!
i have my own 26 before 26 and it has been so much fun!
i actually have a page on my blog and am asking if anyone is interested in linkin up lists to come visit my page and fill out the form!
i think sharing lists can be very inspirational!

Faith said...

ooh! thank you so much for doing this list. I'll be 27 in just a couple months :) I've thought about doing a 30 things to before I'm 30 but couldn't think of what to put on my list that I would actually do - now I'm so inspired!

AlyGatr said...

Some of your list thing belong on my list! I started writing a novel and had to stop after chapter one. I keep kicking myself (Marisa helps me!) to get more done, but until my last class is done, I don't think I'm going to get much more done.

If I used my age as a base for my "list", it would be...cough cough, a lot longer.

Chana said...

Love this list! Heck, I just love lists in general! I'm totally inspired by this though and think I'm going to steal a few of your items for mine!

beth said...

Geez, I'm older than you and didn't do most of those things...better get moving! Great blog...glad to be part of teamHip with you!

The Paper Mama said...

- Love the weekly meal plan!
- The inspiration board is a great idea
- Oh yes, a pedicure sounds very nice.
- Good idea to learn you mailman's name!
- Good luck with your seed garden. My seedlings never make it. You're supposed to water them. Small detail I forget. ;)

Thanks for linking your list on my blog!