Friday, September 11, 2009

Interview With a 2.5 Year Old

Kids are funny!

I read somewhere, in Real Simple magazing I think, that children laugh on average 300 times a day, while adults only laugh on average 5 times a day.

I stole this idea from Marisa. Its cute, insightful, and will, I'm sure, promote more laughter for both the adults and children involved.

Gage's language and speech has changed a lot recently and he speaks more conversationally and will actually answer questions on occasion, which is a real step in a child’s language development. He’s also saying some of his letters better, although v's and still coming out as b's, which I find totally adorable each and every night when Gage tells me he "lubs" me. Sometimes I engage silly conversations with him, much like this one here, just because I love to hear him talk.

I asked Gage some questions this morning. Here’s what he had to say about his life and preferences:

Q. How old are you?
A. I’m 2.

Q. What’s your favorite thing to eat?
A. Fruit Loops

Q. Who loves you?
A. Momma

Q. What happens when you don’t listen?
A. Mum Mum says no pooping in you diapie, Gagey has to go on the potty.

Q. What’s your favorite song?
A. Gone Fishin'

Q. What’s your favorite book?
A. Thomas Books (Thomas the Tank Engine)

Q. What’s Momma’s name?
A. Mom. And I'm Gage

Q. What is your favorite color?
A. Green

Q. Who are your friends?
A. Dora, Boots, and Brayden

And then the small attention that Gage had given me vanished and off to push his wooden trains around he went.

Kids are funny creatures!


ElegantSnobbery said...

Q. What’s Momma’s name?
A. Mom. And I'm Gage

Hahahaha, so cute!! Glad you tried it out, even if he got distracted and didn't finish :)

AlyGatr said...

I love it! I love that his best friends are Dora, Boots and his brother :) I'm not sure Amelia would rank her brother in with such great company!

Whimsical Creations said...