Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feed Your Soul

In case you live under a rock (much like myself), I thought I'd share an amazing gem I found while perusing the Internet.

I have officially Fed My Soul.

Feed Your Soul is an amazing free project, thought up by Jen Wallace of IndieFixx, geared for art loving people who need a bit of beauty to feed their soul and bring inspiration to their lives in the middle of the economic crisis, when they might not otherwise spend money on things that are not everyday essentials.

There is tons and tons of beautiful artwork by some of my favorite and uber-talented people, and its all available for free download! Just print it at home, frame it, hang it up, and fall in love

Seriously, go there now.


Anonymous said...

how fun! I'm off to see. ♥

Angela said...

I found this a couple of days ago! I have already picked out just what I want to download...just have to go to the office supply store and get some really nice paper for my new art.