Monday, August 31, 2009

Its a Good Morning

I have a unhealthy habit of driving around with my gas light on in my Jeep. My husband does this too, and he does it much more that I do. I'd like to say that I got this behaviour from him, but the truth is that I like to push my limits, I always have. I like to see how far I can go before I hit Empty. Can I make it to the gas station on time, saving myself from being left stranding along the side a road somewhere?

When my laptop battery starts to die and the warning starts to flash in the bottom right hand corner of my screen I don't rush either. It just means that I have 25 minutes of power left, more than enough time to finish up whatever it is that I'm doing. I'm usually quite comfortable in my chair, nestled up in the living room, under a blanket and reclined, that to get up and plug in the computer seems unnecessary.

But when that screen goes black? I slam in the recliner, throw off the blanket and jump right up, find the plug and get back to business. I’ll do anything to restore life to this little whirring, writing machine. Only when the laptop is completely out of its own resources will I turn to the power source.

I get up early, or rather should I say that my kids get me up early. My day usually starts with the sun just beginning to rise and the sound of the coffee maker running at full speed to bring me my daily fuel. Mike is long gone before we wake up, already off and an hour and a half into his day at work meanwhile I stumble around, still exhausted, to gather all of Brayden's things for school. Then the school bus comes, the coffee has been and still is being consumed, and Gage is busy pushing around trains and watching cartoons. The house is quiet and I am at peace, the morning and I.

I've, slowly, learned to love the mornings around here. The quiet of the country has taken its affect on me as I sit back and listen to the birds sing when the sun rises. I'm beginning to finally see the beauty that each new day brings, after the yawns pass and the coffee is drank I feel rejuvenated.

Some days at 2 in the afternoon I'm wiped out. I spent the day cleaning and running around and finally my screen goes black. Some days Brayden and Gage yell, fight, and argue and my internal gas warning light comes on, a warning that the not-so-nice mommy is about to show up. And my need for rejuvenation and quiet perspective suddenly becomes urgent.

Everyday I come to the end of my own resources. There are days when I have a few shining moments as a patient and understanding mother or a thoughtful and willing friend. But there are also days when I trip over my own life clutter and can’t quite stand up straight.

And then I see how blessed I am to wake up to those smiling faces, how blessed I am to lay asleep beside the love of my life, how blessed I am to enjoy another day, even if it is a crazy one.

And I greet the morning with love.


ElegantSnobbery said...

You know, this post made me realize that, though I am NOT a morning person, the morning is my favorite part of the day. While I grumble and would rather be in bed, I cherish the daily moments with my coffee, catching up on my blog reading/posting while the girls play with their baby dolls or watch cartoons.

And haha, how funny that you push your limits with your gas light. I'm the opposite. I see the little indicator saying the tank is close to empty and I just about have a panic attack despite Will saying, "Marisa, we have a QUARTER of a tank left!!"

Raven said...

I am a morning person AND a late night person. I love love love getting up waaay before everyone else, when the sun is just peeking over the horizon. It's these early morning hours that the days seem to last forever and I get the most done.

I also stay up late most days... chasing the day until its very end for that last bit of time to get things finished.

And, as far as the gas light...well, my hubby waits and waits and waits cuz he knows he has another 30 mpgs before kaput. But, after being stranded with a quarter tank left when I once borrowed my friend's car...AND after being stranded one TOO many times with my ex who always waited too long at zero, I fill it up when there is still a quarter of a tank left!
And, if that light comes on, I panic!

Have a happy day have a WUNDERFUL life!