Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Getting There

Attempting to get settled into a new house is hard. Particularly when you're living there and having to keep up with the normal daily routine of working, laundry, dishes, and child loving.

I'd say at this point about 60% of our stuff is out of boxes, which is a huge acheivement.
We're getting there ♥

Here's a back view of the new house and a picture of part of the land we have now.


ElegantSnobbery said...

Wow what a house! Getting settled definitely is hard... we've gone from apartment to apartment 7 times since we've been married and it never gets easier, when it comes to unpacking and settling. I only just put pictures on our walls for the FIRST time in this apartment, a few weeks ago... and we've lived here over a year now.

Good luck getting settled!

Raven said...

What a great house...and the land is wunderful to have! Are you still in PA???

Good to hear that yer about 60% unpacked. We're moving to a new studio loft and have to have all the renovations and unpacking done and in time for our next show at the end of October, so I know the no time to do anything/moving feeling.

Your bloggie buds will still be here waiting for you when you're settled. :)


AlyGatr said...

UGH! I hate unpacking. I'm such a weirdo...I can't stand having boxes laying around, so I will kill myself unpacking for days straight until all boxes are out of my sight!

I SOOOOO want your backyard!!

Whimsical Creations said...

HI! Congrats on the new house. Looks like a great house!! Are you still in PA? I remember moving 4yrs ago...lots of unpacking...hugs!