Friday, July 31, 2009

A Creative Space in the Making ♥

When we finally make our big move in a few short, and packing filled weeks, I am going to get a room that is 100% mine all mine just for the sole purpose of creating pretty little lovelies. And let me tell you, after co-habitating with boys all of my life (I do have three younger brothers) its going to be a grand, and quite girly, affair.

So here is my craft space inspiration, my creative space muses, the images of my studio dreams brought to life!

The stunning studio of Alicia Paulson

The Tiny House where Lori Marie makes all of her Pretty Little Things
The Beautiful creative space of Gypsy Mermaid
The crafty room of allsorts

The whimsical world of Heather Bailey
The pretty nook of Contented Sparrow


ElegantSnobbery said...

Oooh, I LOVE them all! I'm not enjoying the fact that my creative space is a messy bit of the counter in the kitchen :(

Looking forward to seeing yours!

Raven said...


I love the ones you've chosen as inspiration.

...can't wait to see what yours looks like when yer finished.


Vintage aka Vinty said...

You've inspired me to at least clean my work space!

Anonymous said...

It just totally cracks me up to read your blog sometimes... how we could be so similar, yet so far away.

Are you sure we weren't twins in another life?

I have this silly collection of old magazines that I save with pages folded in them, and an interview of Alicia Paulson a couple of years ago is one that I've saved for the very same reason, I love her space and her style! Found it on her blog too, thought you might like to take a peek.

have a great day hun!