Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning Smiles

The dew sits in tiny droplets atop the ferns
The sun begins to rise
A child stirs

The pitter patter of small feet dance across the linoleum floor
Dandelions awake with the mornings light
A robin whistles a happy tune

Eggs sizzle in the pan
All around us the earth is waking
The morning smiles in sweet belly laughs

Rubbing sleepy eyes fresh from the passing evening dreams

Time moves along



Bliss! :0)

Jenny said...

Oh, such beautiful little guys...! Er, I mean handsome!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Aw, so cute!! I love this line: The morning smiles in sweet belly laughs

I only wish I had a great morning. Me and the girls are all grumpy morningers... and Annelie is always the first to wake up, bringing up the rest of the household by smacking us in the face (usually with her bottle) and shouting "wakey, wakey!"

I LOVE how they both have dandelion flowers behind their ears! SO CUTE!!

Beth said...

So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is looking so great! Love the poem, and the pictures really do look like spring has sprung!