Saturday, April 25, 2009

It Could Hardly Be Considered "Work"

Its Saturday, the weekend. Although really for me the only difference between a weekday and the weekend is that I don't have to put Brayden on the school bus at 7:30am or get him off at 11:20am. The closest thing I get to a weekend are the Thursdays and Fridays that my husband is off and there is another set of arms to pick Gage up or to play Go Fish with Brayden. My days run together ... time in general seems to slow down or speed up so frequently that I often lose sight of what is really going on.

And I love every single second of every single minute of it.

I don't work a normal 9 to 5, but rather sunrise to sunset. I don't dread Mondays or long all week long for a paycheck. The only commute I make is from the house to the mailbox and I get paid in hugs and kisses. Its a charmed life, that's for certain.

Some days are harder than others. Even though I am essentially the boss, the kiddos I work for have their off days too. Some days are filled with tears, scraped knees, and spending more time in the corner than out of it. But for every moment of stress and hardship a simple smile or a sweet giggle is payment enough. The best part of all though, is the freedom to do what I love: be a mother.

On today's agenda: a possible walk to the playground, if we can dodge the raindrops that is, playing lots and lots of Uno, Watching Thomas the Tank Engine, and laughing .... a lot.
Enjoy your weekends friends, I know that I will be enjoying mine :)


ElegantSnobbery said...

aw... Thanks for putting it back into perspective for me. Yesterday was an off day for me... nice to remember why I love being home with my kids instead of shoving them in daycare and working.

Angela said...

Sounds like you have a fun day lined up.

Soyun Park said...

Being mom is a great thing in the world.