Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things Are Better In Florida

I've been having kind of a crappy week. What better place to vent than my blog right?

I got screwed by uncle sam :-( My family falls into that ever so wonderful (sarcasm!) percentage of people who are not getting their economic stimulus payment direct deposited because we opted to file our taxes with Turbo Tax and had the preperation fees taken out of our return... thus brining in a 3rd party to e-filing and as an end result we have to wait for a paper check. No biggie right? Well normally I would say so, I mean hey, it is bonus money that we otherwise would not be getting, however, we booked a gigantic 8 day vacation to Disney World with it which has to be paid off by mid-June. Oh did I mention we are dead last on the schedual to recieve our payment and rather than getting it on May 16th like we thought (and planned our finances around!) we wont be getting it until July 11th.

So that means no trip, at least not during the time we planned it to be. Looks like we'll have to rebook, and even then our options are limited because Brayden starts kindergarten this year and I'd hate to have him miss any school for a vacation... his learning and social devlopment are more important than Mr Toads Wild Ride!

But we will go! I'm determined... and I refuse to let my kids down like that, particularly with something so huge :-)
Anyways, on to happier events! Its time to pick a winner from last weeks fabulous blog giveaway courtesy of Vixen and Venus! Yay!

As always, I used the Random Number Generator website to make sure that this awesome prize is awarded fairly! BIG thank yous to all of you who commented for a chance to win!

So CONGRATS to Bethany of Love, September who gets to choose a Sugar Scrub of her choice!!

And of course be sure to be here tommorow for this weeks new giveaway featuring lots of tummy happy pieces from Flaunt It Maternity!!


Anonymous said...

Eeeek! So sorry to hear about the check! That stinks!!!

But I do still hope you go... please do hun!!!

Beat Black said...

its too bad that you had to re-book. hopefully the anticipation makes the vacation an even better one!

idyll hands said...

Ohhh, I'm sorry that you have to wait on the check. How odd that it's because TurboTax took the payment from the return. Who knew that would change things so much.

My boyfriend was expecting to get a certain amount and then didn't so he's moping around about that. He had planned a trip with friends around his money too.

Ah well - money is money (and I'm glad to get mine no matter what).


Sorry about your bad week (I can relate!)
We didn't get one of those coveted checks either. DH always files an extension for his business. I don't know if we'll still get one after that (Aug.) If it hadn't been for our telephone coop.'s refund I would be REALLY bummed!

Hope you get a great vacation, and no more crappy weeks!