Thursday, May 15, 2008

Etsy Feature: ♥Flaunt It! Maternity♥

Etsy Feature: ♥Flaunt It Maternity♥

Shop Name: Flaunt It Maternity

What do you make? Stylish maternity tees made for growing pregnant bellies that are cool and comfortable.

How did you pick you first craft? I felt a need for cute maternity clothes while pregnant for the first time.

What are you inspired by? My first pregnancy and lack of what to wear everyday that was both easy and cool but affordable.

Tell Me About Yourself: Im from Hawaii and have a two year old son and another son due next month. I love to work out and stay in shape and I have an Exercise Science degree from th University of Hawaii. I was a flight attendant for Aloha Airlines for 6 years and am now just working on this business until my son is born so it enables me to stay home longer with him.

Other etsy shops you love:
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Advice for fellow artists/crafters? This type of business can get discouraging, but continue to do what you love and work hard, it will pay off!!


This weeks giveaway is absolutely fabulous and I'm so excited to be able to offer all of you such an awesome prize! Jodi of Flaunt It Maternity has graciously offered an adorable Red Hot Hibiscus Tee from her shop. So if you are expecting a little miracle of your own or know someone who is, this is the perfect giveaway for you!!

How to enter:: RUN, dont walk, on over to Flaunt It Maternity and leave a comment here stating your favorite item from this spectauclarly adorable shop! I guarentee that you'll have a hard time picking out your favorite because this shop is absolutly fabulous!!

Standard rules apply ---> You must leave a way for me to get ahold of you in case you win! On Wednesday 05/21/08 I'll announce the winner provided at least 20 people have entered this giveaway!..... what are you waiting for??? Go and check out the amazing goodies at Flaunt It Maternity


polinka said...

y favorite is the "DOES THIS BABY MAKE ME LOOK FAT?" t-shirt!! :) But they're all cute!!

Papersweets77 said...

I love the organic baby onzie! Too Cute!


Bonghi Nautra said...

I love your whole shop! I needed you when I was pregnant I never bought one piece of maternity clothes because it was all hideous! I love the onsie with the little pink guitar on it. I have a pregnant friend right now and one of your shirts would make a perfect gift.

Ambermayhem: Art, Textiles and Random Mayhem said...

My best girlfriend is expecting her first, so I hope this gets to go in her next care package from me! My favorite from Flaunt It Maternity (which I have perused before) is this one:

Enter me at thanks!

babyhoot. said...

my fave: the brown/turquoise "100% Organic" shirt.
I'm trying to think which of my friends are pregnant so I can get them some of her shirts! said...

Haha "Does this baby make me look fat?" too cute!

BabyLyons said...

so many to choose from! I really like the sunny hibiscus charcoal maternity tee. And the one with the guitar on it! They're all so cute!!!
you can always contact me on etsy:

MillieDog Designs said...

I <3 this shop a long time ago and now I finally found out on Mother's Day that I'm pregnant!

This is my fave:
One more cycle and I would have been put on Clomid. ;)

Bunny B said...

I love the DOES THIS BABY MAKE ME LOOK FAT tees! :) Thanks!

bunnybox9 at gmail dot com

Brandon said...

Wow they are great! I wish I had cute shirts to wear when I was expecting.


matilda sue said...

I am in love with the Genie Bottle T-shirt

My bf is about to need this!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Please do not enter me, as I do not (I repeat: DO NOT) want to be pregnant again and that shirt should go to someone who would fit it well... but I LOVE that shop!! How awesome and I wish I could have found it sooner, since I dressed like the biggest, fattest pregnant dork ever.

Rachelle said...

My favorite is the 100 PERCENT ORGANIC BABY shirt in chocolate brown! So clever!

etsy id: earcmra

esque said...

I second polinka's and bunnyb's pick! It's awesome!


Anonymous said...

I've browsed in this shop before. :) I like the yellow t with the hibiscus on it.
I'd wear it all summer.

KristinsAMommy said...

oh that Lets Rock and Roll one is awesome! My lil growing rocker would look good in that!

The Apple In The Tree said...

They'll all so cute! Seeing as I'm not preggers I'll have to say that her organic onzie would look pretty darn cute on my little man!

Penny said...

the Genie Bottle Tee is fab!

My sister in law just found out she's expecting and this would make a wonderful surprize for her!

Christopher And Tia said...

It was a tie, between the rock n roll mama tshirt, and the raging hormones tank Her stuff is CUTE! And since I'm preggers, I'll be needed new maternity clothes!!

MeowJewelry said...

Oh the raging hormones tee definalty!

Its certainly suitable!

Anonymous said...

I love "Does this baby make me look fat?" Everything is so flattering and fun.


Demetra said...

The SUNNY HIBISCUS-red maternity tee is my fave. It's like a wornout red color almost pink wtih the yellow hibiscus flower on the bottom left. Very casual chic for maternity clothes. Thanks!!!

Gabriel's Aunt said...

Adorable Shop!!!!!