Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Contest Winner!

Well it seems to be that time again! Yup, its Tuesday and time to announce the winner of my last giveaway from the absolutely spectacular etsy shop MiaBeads! Seriously, if somehow you live under a rock and you either dont know who she is or you missed the giveaway, go check out her etsy shop because Mia's jewelry is fabulous!

Ok, with a whopping 47 entries (awesome!) and a lesson learned from my last giveaway there was no way I was writing all of those numbers/names down and drawing one from a bowl again! I found this handy little Random Number Generator website online here that draws a random integer and picked the winner!
So CONGRATS to lucie39 who wins any pair of earrings from MiaBeads priced $20.00 or less~!!

And of course be sure to be here tommorow for this weeks new giveaway featuring the stunning work of Justin Vining!!


lucie39 said...

Thanks so much to Amanda for hosting such an awesome givaway on her blog, and to Miabeads for the great interview and prize. I am so excited!!!!

Keepsake Couture said...

How fun! I would love to do a giveaway through your blog! Let me know how I can jump onboard!

Raven said...

I still write all the names down, but thought about trying that random number generator. I guess I'm just old fashioned using the old-school style. hee hee

Congrats to Lucie! :)