Wednesday, March 12, 2008

John and Kate Plus 8

I'm not a huge television watcher. With 2 little boys I find myself pretty busy most days and when the television is turned on its usually on Nickelodeon or a DVD of Thomas the Tank Engine. But lately after the kiddos are asleep and my day is starting to come to a close and I find myself alone and trying to unwind and relax before my husband gets home from his job where he works the late shift I've somehow managed to get myself utterly and totally addicted to watching TLC.

Now I thought life with 2 little boys ages 5 and 1 was pretty crazy, but holy cow did I re-evaluate that assupmtion of my own life when I first saw John and Kate Plus 8, which has now become my weekly Monday night ritual. Well that and a bowl of popcorn or some other wonderfully delicious junkfood!

I feel like I should know these people, they are just down to earth, and somehow (god bless them!) are managing not only to survive but be amazing parents to 8 small children. John and Kate acctually remind me of Mike and myself with their joking and sweet interactions.

Anyways, I was doing laundry this afternoon, after a morning of my 5 year old, Brayden, being sick. He's had a gastro-intestional virus for a few weeks now, that his pediatrician says just has to run its course (which can last for around 6 weeks!!) and is slowly starting to get better, but is still pretty sick. Anyways, as you can imagine the laundry was quite, um, gross. And as I held my breath and threw the sick clothing into the washing machine I couldnt help but giggle thinking about Kate Gosselin last week on the tv in my living room cleaning up the same sick laundry from the flu outbreak at her house... only 8 times over!

I am just amazed by them. They really do it on their own, with the love and support from their family and friends. It is chaotic at times but this family is organized and has a plan, and it's working. I only have 2 kids, and heck, most times I'm just flying by the seat of my pants! The best part is the kids who are just adorable, and so charismatic in their own sweet individual ways. In an age of mind-numbing brainless television, this is a REAL family that I welcome not only in my living room every week, but also in my heart.


Nnairda's said...

I love that show! I'm overwhelmed at times with a 6 yr old. I don't see how they do it.

Love how you have your shop on the horizontal. Very clver!

Hope your little guy get to feeling better soon.


Anonymous said...
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Candice said...

I love that show, I think those kids are so adorable! I love watching the craziness unfold every week...that house is chaotic but they look like they are always having a great time. They are an inspiration!

Brandi said...

I Love John and Kate plus Eight. Ed and I have been watching their show together for two years now and we never miss and episode. My husband says it helps put his mind into perspective. We watch and it helps relax us and teach us to go with the flow when it comes to our own family. Coming from a large family myself, I connect with the routines and structure that makes thier lives work. I am glad that you have embraced the show that has touched my heart for the last two years.

Raven said...

I've never seen the show....but the commercials for it drive me absolutely nuts for some reason!

I'm more of a Super Nanny kind of girl.


Sew Gracious said...

Kate's sister is an Etsy seller & she purchase something from me (not for Kate, for herself)! Pretty Cool... I guess that's 2 degrees of separation! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely sick of them.........we get the point....8 asian kids are hard to take care of......why are we watching this!!!!!