Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Airport, Bill Clinton, And A Panini

For those of you that dont know, my husband works at our local airport fueling aircrafts and doing runway and airport maintenence. Now we live in a pretty small town, but on occasion we get a few big name people that fly in and out of here thanks to area events, the llocal PITT college branch campus shows, and the fact that we're about 25 miles away from the flight 93 Crash Site. Thanks to his job Mike, my husband, gets to rub elbows with alot of fancy-schmancy people that, believe me, he normally otherwise would not.

Well, yesterday we had a Hillary Clinton rally in town and who flew in you ask? Nope, not Hillary, but Bill sure did!

Now no what your politics are, being that close to a former president and a possiable future First husband is pretty cool.

Anyways, now on to the fun part of my story... After his Vote For Hillary Rally was over, off Bill went back into his fancy plane and flew away....

Usually when someone with a private plane comes into the airport they have it catered, and good old President Bill was no exception. But I suppose yesterday Bill and his crew weren't very hungry and didnt eat their lunches and gave them all to the company my husband works for. (Now mind you, its all men up there, who will eat just about anything that is given to them) And of course they gladly accepted. But I guess no one wanted former President Clintons plain Turkey Panini on Rye, so Mike, the awesome guy that he is, brought it home for me.

Yeah. I gobbled Bill Clintons Panini! (Please excuse the horrid pic of me as it was 12:30 am)

(Trust me, this whole situation was MUCH funnier at 12:30 am)


ElegantSnobbery said...

I for one, think that is pretty cool. I have never been given the opportunity to eat the former president of the US's panini, but I totally would. Just to say I did.


casserole said...

Presidential panini! I love it!!!!

I shook Bill Clinton's hand a couple of times - once while he was governor cause I was on stome stoopid honor roll thingie. They had a big picnic at the governor's mansion. The only thing I remember is the sweetest little playhouse out in the yard - I'm guessing it was Chelsea's??

Nnairda's said...

LOL!!! I love it!

Hubby was great to get the shots for you.

I had a chance to see the Clintons, and Barack Obama all in one day when they were in Selma for the Pettus Bridge Crossing anniversary.

Denise Felton said...

Like casserole, I'm an Arkie, so I've had a number of run-ins with the Pres over the years. Most of them excrutiatingly embarrassing for me. But those stories pale in comparison to the "I ate Bill Clinton's panini" story. I'm so jealous!