Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Sleep Makes Amanda A Crabby B*tch!

I cant sleep anymore. And I'm a bit crabby lately because of it, and maybe flying off the handle at times when I normally would not. (My poor husband!)

I have periods where I can sleep at all for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, maybe catching a few hours of sleep a night, finally laying my head down after the sun has already came up and the few birds that are still around begin chirping in the early hours of the morning.

Then those weeks are usually followed by a week or so of extreme fatigue where I just cant sleep enough, I'm tired and lazy and STILL crabby and iritable.

Then the whole process repeats itself. *sigh*

My family doctor says its a result of my anxiety. I get pretty bad panic attacks, especially when I'm in crowded, enclosed situations but I take some wonderfully delightful Lexapro to negate the effects of my anxiety. Except that its not at all working for the whole not sleeping/over-sleeping thing I've got going on now.

Oh and I'm scared to death of sleeping pills and I refuse to take them.

So where does that leave me? Up all night long looking at ooodles of stuff on etsy usually, curled up on my couch under a blanket with my laptop. And yes, I'm STILL crabby.


Anonymous said...

Oh hunney... come over to my house, i'll fix you up. heheee...

Raven said...

Think of it this way,...some of the world's most brilliant people require(d) no more than 4 to 6 hours of sleep. Thomas Edison was one of them. Although, I've not checked to see whether or not there was a documented bitch log on him. hee hee

You should start reading more...how about some Wayne Dyer books to help you to focus on other things? Those might even help the bitchiness subside too. :)


Denise said...

you still manage to have great things in your shop, a wonderful blog and an awesome playlist!

Tizzalicious said...

Have you tried Melatonin? It's completely natural substance that controls you sleeping rythm. "Normal" people have their brains make it at night, but like you, my sleeping pattern is screwed, and I just can't sleep. When my doctor gave me this I was so happy, because it really helps! And they're not sleeping pills! I'm scared of those too =/