Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Boys, Balling, And Buttons

I'm not at all prepared for my kids to get older and grow up. Not. At. All. I mean, I always knew that I was a bit neurotic when it comes to my mothering. And I'm so proud that I have two sweet little mommas boys. But, *sigh* they do get older.

My oldest son had Kindergarten registration today. I'm not at all prepared to not have him home with me on a daily basis. I'm already having a slight nervous breakdown and its only the end of February!!!

Anyways, we got to go and meet the school nurse and all of the teachers and the librarian and plan out his bus stop and all of that jazz. I'm going to be ok, I know that and I'm excited for my son to go to school and learn new things and make new friends. I suppose that its just that up until today it was just something we were talking about, and now after going there and meeting everyone and officially registering him, its somehow real now.

Ahhhh, empty nest syndrome and my oldest son is only 5!!

I'm determined to make the rest of this year and this summer memorable and great since this is really my only time left to really enjoy him being this age and being home with me. We've booked a 8 day trip to Disney World this August that we're all excited as can be for and I'm getting in all of my mommy time every chance that I can get!

My husband has been AMAZING through all of my meltdowns and worries. He knew today was going to be hard for me, so he surprised me by having the most beautiful flowers delivered :-) He's so awesome... I think I'm going to bake him some cookies this weekend!

Anyways, I've been trying to keep myself pretty busy lately as a means to not let this whole "my baby is leaving me" thing get to me. About a week ago I got some precious little buttons from luckychelle7 and decided to give a new altered photo album and journal a little bit of buttoned up flare! I have kind of a thing for buttons, a have ooodles of old vintage ones I found in my Nana's stuff after she passed away that cherish, and ever since, I've been kind of a button-a-holic

All Buttoned Up Altered Photo Album

Button Button Who's Got The Button Altered Journal


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, those are darling!!! And i'm loving the new look of your blog too... You did change it right? *blush* My head hasn't been on straight lately.
Loves hun, and congrats on your vacation this summer, how fun!!!

idyll hands said...

Lovely flowers and great albums. I love buttons on almost everything.