Monday, September 12, 2011

Living Unplugged

taken with my iPhone while standing on my front porch

I've been making a conscience effort to get up and live life more. 

Everyone is gone during the day, the boys off at school and the husband off at work.  Right now it's just me and the cat.  Without two little boys at home all day every day the house has been staying cleaner, only half riddled with tiny toy trains and legos.  And while it would be so easy to just plop my bum down on the couch and spend my now quiet mornings and afternoons right here in front of the computer I'm not.  Because that it a hole I don't want to get sucked in to.

So instead I'm filling my days with devotions, baking, crafting ... anything to keep me busy and the wheels in my brain occupied. 

I'm working again.  I've recently taken a really great job that allows me to work from home for a few hours in the evenings.  It's really pretty perfect for our family.  But because I'm on the computer at nights working now, my days are a bit more sacred.  I enjoy being unplugged. 

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AlyGatr said...

I think it's so cool you have a job that lets you work from home. I find myself more unplugged lately...but not too much because then I would never interact with anyone outside of work and home!