Monday, August 8, 2011

A Wild Time Was Had By All

This Summer has been a crazy one.  It seems like just about every single second of our weekends has been scheduled with plans, trips, meetings, and meet ups.  And those five days between one Saturday and Sunday and the next are just as jammed packed.  It's made for a fun, but very busy season.

On Sunday we had no plans whatsoever, and it was grand.  I think most people who have spent the past two months running what feels like a marathon would just stop and rest if they were given the opportunity that yesterday provided us with.  Not us, though.  We gathered up the boys, along with one of my younger brothers, and headed off on a day trip out to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

It was hot and sticky and our legs were tired from dancing the evening away at a wedding the night before, but we made it.  We saw lions, and tigers, and bears (Oh My!).  And we had a fantastic day. 


tessica said...

that looks like fun!
and i know that feeling of let's fit this in!

beka said...

looks like a great time! it's been forever since we've visited a zoo:)

Nen said...

great pics! i love going to the pitts zoo! looking forward to when we can take eloise sometime (but definitely not wishing these precious days away!)

AlyGatr said...

You guys have an awesome zoo! I love "no plans" days. I don't like the pressure of having to be anywhere on time. Just love all of the animal (and kiddos of course) pics :)