Monday, August 1, 2011

She and He - August

She didn't do a She and He post for July since they were in Florida on vacation.
He is back to working a ton of hours, but is still managing to make the time to do fun family activities together.
She seems to be using the picture above for everything lately.  It's a good picture.
He is a trooper for sitting up to watch Charlie St. Cloud with his wife.
She is doing leadership in MOPs this year and is in charge of Creative Activities for our group of 140 woman.
He, a vehicle lover of epic proportions, is somehow ok with us being in the market for a new minivan.
She is going to be a bridesmaid on Saturday for a dear couple of friends' wedding.
He is ready for the Fall, when working outside all day won't be so stinkin' hot.
She is not at all prepared for her baby Gage to start pre-k in just over three weeks.
He'll probably have to use a vacation day to console his sure to be teary eyed wife.
They are going to finish out this Summer with a bang.

He is happy with his simple but full life.
She is happy with her simple but full life.


tessica said...

happy face!
very nice to read about this sweetness!

btw how was Charlie St. Cloud?

AlyGatr said...

I can't wait for it to be less than surface of the sun hot out. And I AM taking a day off from work for the day Amelia steps foot in public school. I'm sure I'll be a wreck!

beka said...

i love this post.
like...A LOT.
i just love the style. :)

Nen said...

that IS a good picture!

Pre-K... blah! i would be bawling my eyes out too! i will say a prayer for you because i'm sure it won't be easy!