Friday, July 8, 2011

Florida Recap Part Three - The Lake House

The last time we were in Florida we were lucky enough to be invited over to the Lake House, which is the home of the hubs' cousin's wife's Dad (follow all of that?).  The house itself is absolutely beautiful with a lovely open floor plan, a giant flat stone fireplace, and floor to ceiling windows that show one of the most incredible views I have ever seen. This amazing house is seated right on Lake Santa Fe and comes complete with its own private beach, dock, and boat launch.  Living there, I can only assume, would be like living inside of a painting.

So this time in Florida, three years later, when we were again invited to spend the afternoon at the Lake House swimming we quite literally jumped at the chance. Together in our swimsuits and with our towels wrapped around our necks, we jumped into the car and took off on a small road trip to spend the day relaxing and splashing around with family.

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Ashley said...

I love the color popping out in the first pic. Sounds like it was a wonderful time!