Monday, April 4, 2011


Every so often I've been known to go through periods in my life where I de-clutter and weed out the negativity inside of me. 

I stop and I purge everything inside of me that is being used as a filler.  I toss aside all of the hurt feelings, the anxiety, the depression, the friends who aren't really friends, the energy wasters, the worry, the doubt, and any other bad thing that is taking up precious space inside of me.  I let it all go and I feel so free as that weight lifts from my shoulders.

We are all deeply rooted like trees, with branches jutting upwards and outwards.  And sometimes we have to trim the branches that don't bare fruit and nourish the ones that do so that they can thrive.  If we are living one way and are not proving fruitful, then perhaps it's time for a pruning.


Anonymous said...

I think the world would be a much better place is everyone took the time to prune.

chambanachik said...

150% true. I'm actually in the same frame of mind tonight.

Beka said...

amen, honey.

Anna said...

Beautiful post! I'm working on that myself, right now.