Monday, April 11, 2011

One Fine Day

Right up until the middle of last week we've still been caught somewhere between the end of Winter and the Beginning of Spring.  This is a tricky time of the year for Western Pennsylvanians who are covered by the height of the Appalachian mountains.  Both heavy coats and light sweaters are hung up in our closets and tall boots and flip flops line the path to go outside.  One day it's snowing and the very next it's a semi-warm 55 degrees.  All of this sporadic weather makes Spring fever that much worse in our house.  Daddy wants to go outside and tinker in his garage.  Mom wants to sink her hands into the earth and start her vegetable garden.  Brayden and Gage both want to race their scooters up and down the length of our long driveway and soak up some sun.

Last week it snowed, followed by rain.  Yesterday though was perfect, a sunny 70 degrees - the warmest day of the year so far.  We took advantage, spending the entire afternoon well into the evening outside playing in the breeze.  Those scooters did in fact come out of their Winter hibernation, along with the sidewalk chalk and a few other miscellaneous toys.  Clothes got hung outside on the line where they'll dry to smell like fabric softener.  And two boys who very much needed to get dirty and run off some built up energy got the opportunity to do so.

Unfortunately, from experience we know that this nice day is not going to be an regular occurrence thanks to our temperamental weather where we live.  There will be more days of coldness and rain, and possibly even snow before the sun shines with any regularity.  But that's ok.  It makes the rare days when we do get to go outside and run free than much sweeter.


Chana@ Mamma Town said...

YEEESSSSSSSSS!! Can't say enough about how that series of pics makes me so happy for you all!

CourtneyKeb said...

I'm freaking out that to you, 70 degrees is warm, and to us that's cool jacket weather. (South Louisiana).

Glad ya'll got to get some nice warm Vitamin D!

Ashley said...

I. Love. Spring. Glad you guys got to enjoy some time outside : )

Beka said...

ahh:) sweet life. yesterday was amazing for us, and saturday too! :)