Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In the eight plus years that we've had children, my husband and I have always done a certain dance when it comes to managing the different aspects of our lives.

And when we dance I know the steps by heart, twirling and spinning.

He wrestles the boys into their beds and kneels down for prayer time while I fix the morning breakfasts as the boys rub the sleep from their eyes.

And together we two step in the kitchen behind a sink full of dishes, over the mountains of laundry, and past the rows of photos lining the walls that frame the beat of our lives, the rhyme of our routine, and the rhythm to our roles as mother and father, husband and wife.

There is a melody in our house that moves us, one that only the two of us can hear.  It's taken years of practice, but together we've managed to find the timing.  Dinner at 5:00.  Bedtime for the boys at 8:00. 

You, husband, will forever be my favorite dance partner.  And this life will forever be the greatest song in which to move to.


Alicia said...

awh! So beautiful!!

Beka said... had me tearing up.
that was so good.
i love it.

chambanachik said...


Ms. Blasé said...

I like this :)

Ashley said...

I officially cried. In a world where people divorce like's refreshing to see a couple that is still madly in love and respects each other.

Nen said...

this is beautiful! you're lucky to have each other!