Monday, March 14, 2011

I Like You

Some weekends my life is pretty boring and is certainly not blog-worthy.  Take last weekend for example.  We went took the boys to their friends birthday party, went out for ice cream, and then slept off the effects of Daylight Savings time. 

And since my boys celebrated todays no school teacher in service day by sleeping over at their grandma's house I slept in, leaving the blogging for the afternoon. 

So I'm cheating today and doing a post where pictures do the talking.  Yes folks, today is an etsy favorites post!  I love it when people post their favs on blogs.  I've found some of my favorite purchaces and gifts that ways.

I Like you...
Yellow Gray Flower Hat via MojoSpaStyle

Pennsylvania State Pillow via Love,California

Star Cards -- set of 4 via Emmalynne Photography

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Beka said...

those star cards are beautiful, but i love all three of those favorites! ♥