Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

Remember that post I did a few days ago all about how Spring is finally coming our way. Well add a foot of snow to those pictures and you'd have where we are right now. Buried.

Gage sitting in front of the window, a Winter wonderland behind him

This Winter seems longer than most to me. Maybe it's the constant school closings or delays or the never ending colds and sinus infections I seem to be contracting. (I have one right now btw ... and I'm completely miserable) It's only late February and already I'm wishing for sunshine and warm breezes.

Today I'm vowing to stay curled up under my blanket for as long as possible while drinking mass amounts of chai tea and taking way more sinus medicine and mucinex than I probably should. Also, my neti pot will be in heavy rotation today. I'm bound and determined to kick this sickness right into the ground.

And all the while, I promise you all that I'll be dreaming of pretty Spring flowers and warm sunny beaches.


Nen said...

ack! hope you feel better soon!

Kristy said...

Ugh, I'd have to agree!

Our snow had finally dissapeared and now everything is covered again.

I've also been fighting sinus infections every other week. It really is the pits. I currently have who knows what but I am miserable! But, I have to pack my whole house and move by Monday and watch my one-year old in the process. Ugh!

Oh spring, come faster! I hope you feel better soon!!