Friday, January 28, 2011

I hate Winter. Truly I do. In the past 3 weeks I have shuffled back and forth a sinus infection and a head cold with no end in sight. I blame it on Winter germs.

Today's agenda includes finding the time to:
Order fabric to re-do the living room curtains
Drink massive amounts of coffee
Get out of this germ infested house for awhile, even if it means braving the snow


AlyGatr said...

:( Sending you some sunshine! I'm there with you on the sinus ick though. Mine got worse...I ended up with viral pink eye (EW!) Hopefully you can hunker down with something warm and maybe the weather will perk up a little. I hope your ick goes away soon.

Melodye said...

Did you order the fabric?? I am shuffling around today (and yesterday, and the day before) not getting anything done. I AM doing to move forward with JOY.

p.s. I like your cat

Feel better soon!