Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

The tree has been de-ornamented, de-lighted, torn apart, and placed back it's home for the other 11 months of the year, up in the attic. The decorations around the house are all boxed up and put away, leaving the house bare after a month of lights and color. Brayden is back to school today after spending too many hours to count immersed in his new toys, books, and puzzles. And even Mike is back to work today after a week long vacation at home (which would explain my absence from blogging). It's back to life as we know it, with just Gage and I running the roost today. I have an inkling that 2011 will bring much of the same. And that's ok. Because where we're at right now is a pretty great place to be.

I don't usually make resolutions. Mostly because I don't keep them. Heck, normally I don't even make it a point to try and keep them. I'm one of those people who hope that it magically just happens. Unfortunately that's not at all how life works.

This year though, will be different. Even though I know that any sort of radical changes are not in my future, I've been seeking a new ways that I can draw myself closer to God.

2010 brought me MOP's and singing in my church's contemporary choir, both things that I love doing and have proven to be a part of who I am. In 2011 I will continue them both.

On New Year's Eve my family and I went out to eat at a Chinese food restaurant. At the end of the meal they of course brought out a fortune cookie for each of us to open. Mike's said something about being happy while both Brayden and Gage's said something about building relationships with others. Mine, however, was a sign. As I sat there on the last day of 2010, reflecting on what an amazing year it had been, and thinking about all of the possibilities that 2011 will bring, I certainly was not expecting anything so amazing and altering to be nestled inside of a cookie that tastes more like cardboard then it does a cookie.

Pretty cool right?

And then, a few days later, I got an email. I had signed up for an online adventure, challenging people to read the Bible in 90 days awhile ago. Unfortunately though, in the midst of the holiday madness I plum forgot all about it.

So what is in store for me in 2011? More devotion. More love. And a growing relationship with my Lord and Savior. I can't think of any better way to kick of the new year.


CourtneyKeb said...

I don't think there is anymore important focus you could have.

Nen said...

sounds like you're on the right track for 2011... i hope i can follow suit!

AlyGatr said...

I love fortune cookies :) They have a way of always telling us what we need to know! I think you picked a perfect resolution for yourself. Like you, I try not to set any because I generally fail. I think this year I'm going to set month to month goals so that I have to meet them in shorter time and maybe not fail!

Chana said...

That is just too amazing. Really beautiful!

Beka said...

Amen, Mandie.
I love this.

Tiffany said...

That is a great fortune cookie and definately a sign! How neat was that?! Best of luck on your journey to reading the Bible in 90 days. I started my journey of reading the Bible this year as well. So far I'm doing great!