Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yesterday my computer crashed. And being without Internet felt as though my whole life crashed. Talk about a slap of reality and realizing that you have a problem!

I lost everything. All of my pictures, all of my documents, every program I had downloaded, it was all gone. Losing all of that is a terrible feeling. But realizing that I was that attached to it all in the first place is an even worse feeling.

We're too dependant on technology for our forms of entertainment nowadays, myself included. In the wake of this recent disaster and the realizations that it's brought, today I'm choosing to pick up a book. I hope that you'll all do the same.


Marisa Hopkins said...

Oh man, Amanda!! That is so hard!! One of the things that makes me happiest about blogging is that all my favorites - favorite photos, favorite memories of life with my husband and babies - are on my blog and easily retrievable!! When my computer crashed a couple years ago, I cried and cried... but then I saw I had all my favorite photos on the pages of my blog! Makes things a little better.

Yes, pick up your favorite book! November is the perfect month for reading, especially with a warm beverage of choice in the quiet morning hours!! Enjoy!

amylou said...

So sorry Mandie!
That is tough. I have been trying to read more. I love taking time for a book.

AlyGatr said...

That is horrible Amanda!! I have to say, I'm so paranoid about that happening to me, so what I don't already have on my blog, I have saved out to a flash drive. I put my favorite pics out on Flickr to...just in case.

Have you tried The Geek Squad? I know they are pretty good with recovery.

beka said...

Wow. That's freaking hard.
I know a tad bit of what you feel like, though... In late July, an accident happened--my laptop fell to the kitchen floor while it was open, and the screen shattered. :P
It took about 2 months before my fixer people got a screen in that would work... 2 months of taking pictures, loading them on the home comp, writing in my journal like a mad person because I wasn't updating facebook and trawling the internet hardly at all.

You're reminding me I have to back up my pictures. Thank God. I'm going to work on that, and asap!!