Monday, November 15, 2010

A Bit of Reality

Children nowadays don't get it. Especially during this time of the year. My own children included. We live in a "gimme gimme gimme" kind of world, where kids don't understand the value of the things that they have. The important things, like food to eat everyday, a roof to sleep under, heat on cold snowy nights, and clean water to drink every single day.

Every single time a commercial for some fancy new toy or some ridiciously expensive video game comes on the television my kids whine and moan about how much they want it. It doesn't matter what it actually is, they want it, simply because it's been glamorized for 20 seconds on the television. Christmas is in the air, not to mention that both of my boys have birthdays during the holidays. So their excitement for tearing apart all things wrapped builds and builds. Last week, Mike and I said enough was enough.

Each year our church has something called an In Harvest Gathering where they distribute brown paper bags with grocery lists attached. All of which will be donated to our local Salvation Army to be given to families who cannot afford a Thanksgiving meal. This year Brayden and Gage did the shopping. They picked the cans of fruits and vegetables off of the grocery store shelves all by themselves while Mom and Dad pushed the cart and explained the importance of what we were doing.

I really hope that I got through to them.

This world is far from perfect. As mothers we want to shelter our children and protect them, but really how far is that getting them? It's turned my kids selfish. And that is my fault. They didn't realize how blessed we really are.

I want my boys to have servant's hearts. I want them to take care of their possessions and love them rather than pine away for something new and better. I want them to consider others before they consider themselves.

Next on the agenda for the boys, shopping for the diaper cakes that we're making at MOPS for Precious Life, a pregnancy care ministry dedicated to helping women who find themselves in unplanned, unexpected, or difficult pregnancies.

A little, and very controlled, dose of reality is just what we need in our household this holiday season.


Marisa Hopkins said...

Aw, you're so wonderful, Amanda!! Your boys are lucky to have such a great mom showing them how to be generous, caring people!!

Nen said...

funny you posted about this! i was just thinking about it this AM... although i was thinking more along the lines of people i know who go out and get tattoos or piercings, shoes or expensive coffee... before they make sure they have gas in their car, or heck... even their car payment paid! it makes me think of what the PARENTS should be doing to instill the responsibility to be an adult in their kids! add onto that a spirit of giving... and kids these days would be well rounded instead of in this "entitlement" mode!
kudos to you and mike for going the extra step(s) to show your boys what it means to be selfless and giving. it will definitely help them to be caring and responsible teens/adults in the long run!
(love that your church does that Thanksgiving thing... that's awesome!)

AlyGatr said...

I think that's an awesome thing to do. For the past couple of years, we've donated toys to Toys for Tots and we ask Amelia to pick out the toys. Of course, we had to explain to her that no matter how much she liked what she picked (naturally she gravitated to what SHE wanted) that it was for a little boy or girl who might not otherwise have toys. She's finally starting to get it, which makes me happy!

And for the record, I think the kid's TV channels, except Nick Jr, Sprout and Playhouse Disney are SO evil for all of the advertisement.

Ashley said...

I agree with everyone! It's great what you are doing, and you are setting a fine example for the kids!