Thursday, October 14, 2010

To See the World

I will be the first person to admit that at times as a parent I have it all wrong.
Yes you read that right. Often times I am wrong.

When we first found out that Brayden, who is only seven years old, needed glasses I thought for sure he would be crushed to have to rely on putting a barrier in front of his eyes in order to see the world. When I talked to him about the possibility of getting glasses before his eye appointment confirmed the need for them, he told said to me, "It's ok Mom. You and Dad both have glasses, so I knew that I'd be getting them sooner or later since bad eye sight runs in the family."

Wait, what? When did my baby boy become so grown up? And where do I come in as the mother who was all set to comfort him over this change?

Yesterday when we went to pick his new glasses up and he had the feeling of the new and constant present on his face I thought that maybe it would come. But no, he was excited to get them. I couldn't fathom it. Where was the fear of something new? Where was the dread of having to rely on glasses for something as basic as seeing?

And then I remembered, this is how he was used to seeing the world.

(That makes me sick just looking at it!)

Really, who wouldn't be excited to be able to see all of the majesty of the universe in clean, crisp lines.

Oh, and he looks pretty darn good in glasses too.


Christopher And Tia said...

Getting glasses is so life changing.

He looks great in them. And what he said WAS so grown up! I bet your heart kinda melted a little bit.

Nen said...

wow! glad he has such a good attitude! you're lucky to have a kid that wasn't talking back or throwing them off and breaking them the first two minutes!!! :)

that fuzzy picture is how i see thing far away... glasses are such a pain... but i'm thankful for the clear picture they give me!!

AlyGatr said...

He has glasses kinda like yours :) He looks so handsome. I still pictured him getting some Harry Potter like ones, but I guess they are a little too 90's :) He does look so grown up.

amylou said...

yay! I remember when I first got contacts! I told my mom that I could finally see the leaves on the trees again. =)