Monday, September 13, 2010

Morning Devotions

I wake up early most mornings nowadays. After getting the boys up so that Brayden can begin getting ready for his day of school and grabbing myself a cup of coffee or tea I make my way to our front window to gaze out at the fields, which are becoming more and more visible as the leaves from the trees in our slowly drift down to the earth. If I can see the bleak outline of the the hills, covered in an early morning fog, in the distance then I know that today will be an exceptional one. Each and every morning I give thanks for the beauty that I'm surrounded with.

I woke up this very morning and did just that. I need the rejuvenation in the AM that only a few stolen moments of quiet prayers can bring.

There are other days though, and those days are more often than not. Days when the sky is grey and bleak and raindrops the size of grapes litter my spot on the earth. The boys are cranky and the sunshine is nowhere to be found. On those days I look out towards the horizon but am only met with thick fog. On those days my prayers become less of thanks and amazement and more of "I might go insane being stuck inside of this house with these stir crazy kids! Amen."

It's difficult to see it, and even more hard to remember it when the odds are stacked up against me on those days, but beyond the grey skies and storm clouds still lies something beautiful and amazing. Past the sour children, the fog, and the rut of the day is still something worth seeing, I just need to have the eyes to search for it all.

I cherish those amazing mornings where the sky is clear and the sun is shining down straight from Heaven. And while those days can often times be far and few between I'm learning to cherish the grey ones that are the norm.

For those that asked and emailed me,because I have no clue how to reply via email to your blog comments (lame, I know), the book we're studying in our Small Group is Life's Healing Choices by John Baker of Saddleback Church, and let me tell you, it's amazing!


Chana said...

Love this so much.

amylou said...

what a lovely post!
the book sounds amazing!
Thanks for your comment.
Happy Monday!

Nen said...

What a great post... I needed to hear that! Perhaps I'll have to check out that book!!

beka said...

The replying to comments is easy--as long as other people have their email "opened" in their blogger profile...
If you have your email addy in the comment moderation place where it says, blogger should send all comments to you, and then you can reply.
That is, if you want to. :)

Devotions are so good.
I'm about to go and finish up a "day" in a John study, by Beth Moore. :)