Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Food Revolution

Have you seen this? Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I don't watch television really, outside of a few cartoons that capture Gage's attention during the day. But this show has really captured my interest. Mostly because Brayden's school is one of those schools that are serving pizza for breakfast.

I think as parents we all strive to make sure that our children are healthy. But, and I speak from personal experience here, sometimes we take the easy way out.

I think that perhaps it's time that we change up out diets around my house. I'm on the hunt for some new healthy recipes, any suggestions?

Oh, and it's pretty safe to say that Brayden will be eating breakfast at home from now on and packing his lunch more often.


Christopher And Tia said...

yes!! I've been watching Food Revolution too. I'm not as worried, since our household is kind of forced to eat healthy, and my kids will be packing lunches and things like that anyways, but watching the show did make me double think our sugar consumption, and we made the choice to stop buying anything that comes in a box, other than cereal. Its going to be especially hard, as the new baby comes, but we've got a deep freezer, and we plan to fill it with premade foods. Christopher made almost 200 chicken nuggets from scratch last night.

April said...

I've been watching it too. I love Jamie Oliver and he really inspired at the TED Talks... but mostly I'm a nutrition freak so I just love seeing someone trying to improve the quality of food/eating in this country.

Natalie said...

I LOVE what he's doing. We started giving up processed/pre-packaged food a few years ago and I think that people who are used to eating solely form those sources are going to have a hard time going cold turkey. We did it gradually, and almost didn't realize how much we had changed until 5 years or so later when we looked back at what we used to eat. (Which wasn't that bad compared to some people on that show.)