Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In a Funk

image courtesy of LaundryGirlPhotog {{Heidi}}

I can't seem to get myself together lately. I've been a terrible blogger, not really updating with anything current, or heck even interesting as of late. I can't even seem to make the time to click on my friends blogs and read and comment there nowadays. And lets not even talk about my long abandoned etsy shop.

I really don't have any sort of excuse aside from lack of motivation. Maybe it's because I'm sick, and if I was being honest I probably could blame it on that, but the truth is I'm just tired. And trust me when I say that my online persona is not the only thing that has been effected by my general lack of interest as of late. My house is messier than it's ever been, the laundry pile could probably be classified as a continent, and my poor husband has been doing quite a bit of the cooking. I'm in a funk and I just can't seem to shake it.

As far as creating and crafting goes, it's a part of my soul but right now my heart just isn't in it. Without inspiration I'm struggling with wanting to create anything new. I know I need to re-brand myself and update my shop, but it's simply not on the top of my list as the moment. Hopefully I'm able to get there soon.

I'm positive though, for the most part anyways. Spring is just around the corner and blue skies and green grass are calling my name. I hope with the change of the seasons comes a burst of energy for me.


Christopher And Tia said...

Oh Amanda, if I could drop by with a plate full of freshly baked muffins, you know I would. We've all gotten into funks that we can't get out of. Please know that when the sun does come out in your neck of the woods, and you return to brighter and better days, we'll all be here waiting for you <3

Nen said...

i can totally relate. although i am sick right now... i have been in a funk for awhile also. i hope that as the weather improves.. so does your (and my) motivation!!!