Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chomp Chomp

One really awful side effect of Parathyroidism is that my teeth are cracking thanks to the whole no calcium in my bones thing.

For awhile now I've needed the last 3 of my wisdom teeth removed, but now that my mouth is in constant agony I figured theres no time like the present.

Tomorrow is a visit to the oral surgeon for a looksie and then soon surgery.

I hate, loathe, fear, despise, dentists in any shape and form. Wish me luck!


Christopher And Tia said...

I'm right there with you on the strong dislike for dentists. I haven't seen one in well over 10 years, and not only do I need jaw surgery that I've been avoiding my entire life, but I've now got about 20 cavities and require at least 4 root canals, thanks to the neglect that comes along with the ignoring of the jaw surgery.

I hope that your wisdom teeth removal goes smoothly. Maybe they'll give you really good drugs to cover up how awful it could be, right? YAY pain killers!!

Nen said...

i LOVE the dentist! i'm weird! i don't know about yours... but mine gave me some "laughing gas" to put me out and i didn't even know what was happening! i woke up and POOF! my wisdom teeth were out. i couldn't hear/feel drilling, etc. hopefully your experience is like mine! the only bad part was that my parents ordered pizza that night from our fav place... and i could only eat jello and applesauce!!!