Friday, November 6, 2009

Loud Times

Very rarely do I have quiet time with God anymore. But I have a defiantly have a loud time on a daily basis! Loudly we all sing along to the praise music that's playing in the background of my life, either while driving somewhere or maybe on while I'm cleaning something. Loudly I march to and from the basement to do the laundry. Loudly I herd boys to their seats for meals and grace. Loudly we wrestling, love, tug, and parent. Loud times are my times with God these days. And they are often better than my quiet times ever were.

On occasion I do have a rare and quiet reprieve when I'm just drifting off to sleep at night, or when I'm grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning and the house is still quiet. But those moments, as personal and beautiful as they are lack the raw, intimate immediacy of yelling, “HA-LE-LOO-JAH!” alongside my boys as they jump and jive to their favorite chorus.

And I have found that God speaks loudly back. Because I am learning things alongside my kids that may have taken a lot longer to grasp in a quiet time.

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