Monday, November 9, 2009

For Aleida - Leaving Proof

Todays blog post is dedicated to the amazing Aleida Franklin.

She was a wonderful wife, mother, scrapbooker, artist, and an inspirational blogger who often posted pictures of herself along with children for her readers to see. I didn't know Aleida personally, but she taught me something I will never forget.

Aleida prompted "Have you ever seen a photograph of your own mother and thought to yourself how fat she looked? Or how she wasn't wearing make-up? Or wasn't dressed in a glamorous outfit?"
Of course my answer was no.

She then responded with saying that she made it a goal to take a picture of herself with her children at least once every month. And that to use excuses about how we look, as women, is ridiculous, since our children will never care what we looked like, but only that we had physical evidence of the bond between mother and child.

Aleida tragically and unexpectedly passed away in an auto accident in September of 2008, leaving 2 small children and a grieving husband. After she passed I thought of how those children must feel to have those precious photographs.

I, along with many other women, have made it my personal goal to follow her wise suggestion and I try to take photos of myself with my children....double chins, make-up free, bed-head and all.

And so, if you want to take Aleida's Challenge, snap some pictures with your children and smile! And post 'em here to the official flickr group.


Christy Croll (tiddly inks) said...

Well, now I am going to cry and go home and take a picture with my little one...

Put like that, I can see the value of each picture---the good, the bad and the ugly. I always thought my mother was gorgeous. :) She still is.

ElegantSnobbery said...

Oh man, I just read this, grabbed Annelie (who was standing next to me) and snapped a few photos. I look awful... but she wont think that!!

Thank you for posting this!

AlyGatr said...

As always, Amanda, you push me to look at the things that really matter. I somehow, whether I want to or not, find myself in very unflattering pics with the kids...or at least I think so at the time. Give it a month or maybe 6...I look back and think "aw, look at us"...and only slightly think about how I looked. You reminded me that no matter how I look, I should jump at a chance to be a part of a small memory!

Whimsical Creations said...

Such a precious post.