Friday, October 9, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I've pretty much abandoned my blog this week, sorry about that.
I'd like to tell you that I spent the time crafting and making lots of new goodies for my shop and such, but the truth is that I've just been reading and burying myself into books, and I'm the type of reader that gets totally lost in a great book and lets it consume my life until I've finished it, thus pushing everything else (like my blog!) to the back burner.

I did have a bit of fun, and a small spark of creativity over the past weekend though, so I'll share that because in all honesty, I lead kind of a boring life, lol. Nothing really happens worth sharing when you've spent the past 4 days with your nose in a book.

Over the weekend a few friends and I spent the day in Pittsburgh having lunch and going to the Scarehouse (which is a horrifically scary haunted house). We didn't really necessarily go for the haunted house itself, but rather to meet the guys from the tv show Ghost Hunters, who were there signing autographs. But after 3 1/2 hours in line outside in the cold we all figured that we'd do the series of three haunted houses seeing as the actual autograph signing only took maybe a minute and a half. Yeah... lets just say it was a good thing that I had a drink with our lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. I'm too old and too much of a one panic attack away from a nervous breakdown train wreck for haunted houses nowadays, but it was really fun.

I've been working on the possibility of adding paper banners to the etsy shop for a little bit now, making a test one that I'd like to list. But truth be told, its autumn now and cold, grey and rainy outside and the weather has just been too uncooperative for me to go outside and photograph the darn thing. But here's a sneak peek, (aka a crappy picture taken with my cell phone camera on my green carpeted craft room floor). Now all I need is a bit of sunshine, and hopefully along with some light it'll bring me some inspiration as well.



ChickadeeLane said...

Your banner is absolutely GORGEOUS! If this is just a cell phone pic, I can't wait to see the "pro" pics!

Anonymous said...

I don't feel so guilty now. I haven't been crafting or blogging lately either, but somehow the days just keep flying by!

A day in Philly with the girls sounds fun, glad you found some fresh air miss. ♥


Whimsical Creations said...

The banner is fabulous!!

Spending a day with the girls sounds wonderful.