Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Change of Scenery

The number one bit of advice that I've received from other successful etsy sellers is that there is always something in or about your shop that can be improved on, starting with pictures.

My photographs have always been simplistic in style, with the main focal point of them being the item itself with a soft and bright background behind it. As lovely as I think this is I have to admit that my little shop is starting to look a bit drab.

I collect vintage tea cups, something that I've done for awhile now. Each one is unique, beautiful, and oh so delicate - much like the jewelry I'm trying to find new ways to display. So with that said what better option for a punch of color and texture than tea saucers and cups?

I'm still a bit undecided on this, as you can probably tell by looking at my shop I've only switched a few of the pics around. I'm afraid of losing cohesion in my photographs, which is important when you're selling two vastly different items in one shop, such as jewelry and journals. ... That and I love some of the snapshots I've taken of some of my pieces and I don't want to lose em! But with a shop update looming (waiting for a sunny day!) I'm unsure how I should go about photographing my new pieces.

So what do you think?? Keep it simple, or go for the new backgrounds?


Mel @ ShimmerMeBlue said...

I think the new photos look great. The color is just enough, not too much.

ElegantSnobbery said...

LOVELY stuff, Amanda! I like how you still kept simpler pictures in the listings.. but those new photos are really beautiful!

geekch1ck said...

I really like these pictures! I really think they show off your jewelry beautifully.

BTW, you've received an award

I hope you like it.